Bullit Recruitment Solutions Ltd

We worked closely with Robert, the company director, at Bullit Recruitment Solutions in Mawdesley, Chorley. The original project was to Design and Implement a Bespoke WordPress based website which has a Job Board where the Jobs are pulled from a Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) Database primarily used by a Recruitment Software Package. We also provided IT Support for a Microsoft Windows 2008 Domain that runs Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange (E-Mail System).

The recruitment software is a closed-source, propriety, package with no documentation for external developers. This meant there was a requirement to work out the structure and technology used by the software package and also the relationships between the the tables within the MSSQL Database. Once this was the requirement was met, we were then able to integrate the Job Board into the Bespoke WordPress Website.

After the above website was completed, we were also approached by Bullit Recruitment for additional services including:

  • IT Support (As mentioned above).
  • Web Hosting for their main website plus additional websites.
  • Advanced -Mail Spam Filtering alongside their Exchange Solution.