We worked very closely with Russell, the company director, while designing and programming the website to his company’s needs which were:

  • Design and Implement an E-Commerce Website with a give set of given colours to match the feel of the shop.
  • Design and Implement a Point of Sale (POS) System with support for a Barcode Scanner.
  • Allow for easy stock management via both a Point of Sale System and the Website’s Back-end.
  • Show new incoming online orders through the Point of Sale System.
  • Handle Debit/Credit Card Payments via the RealEx Payment Gateway.
  • Give training the shops workers to efficiently use both the website’s back-end for managing online orders and also the POS System.

We also maintain the upkeep of the website plus a few other services which includes:

  • E-Mail Addresses with advanced Spam Filtering.
  • Remote IT Support for any computers used in the company.
  • Remote maintenance of the shop’s CCTV computer system which we designed and built