Guardian Technical Maintenance Ltd

Guardian Technical Maintenance Ltd are a company which specialises in designing, installing and maintaining Fire, Security and CCTV systems. They do this for the Public Sector, Small/Medium Businesses and Large Companies.

Guardian have be using us for all their IT Needs since 2009 and have adopted most of the solutions we supply in order to increase their efficiency here are a number of ways we have helped them to do this.

Digital Pen Solutions

The maintenance side of Guardian means that they have to send out engineers to their customer’s premises  to insure their fire and security systems are in good working condition to BAFE SP203 and NSI Gold standards. This also means that upon completion of a job, the engineer needs to leave the paperwork with the customer and also have a copy of the same completed paperwork for themselves.

Before the introduction of the digital pen system they relied on a Dot Matrix Printer and an engineer coming back to the office during the week with a big pile of paperwork to be scanned in by administration staff. Now the engineers just take their paperwork to the customer’s premises, complete the job using the digital pen which in the background instantly sends a digital copy of the completed sheet back to the office with the addition of handwriting recognition. The engineer, having handed over the completed paperwork to the customer can now move to the next job without worrying about filing his own copy of the paperwork and the administration staff also have more time to work on other tasks instead of scanning paperwork at the end of the week.

Guardian also use the digital pens to perform surveys on customer’s premises which includes planning for the installation of a new system or updating and existing system. This means that the engineer can use the pens to draw the layout of different floors within the building and have the result instantly sent back to the office, ready for CAD drawing to be made based on the engineer’s recommendations. This ensures a quicker turn around for a project for the client which means quicker payment for Guardian.

Software Development

In order for Guardian to keep track of Projects and the Jobs which are in progress and booked on the maintenance side, we have worked closely with them to write our Project Management and Service Management software packages. These are web based applications which can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser and a reliable internet connection. Both these applications integrate seamlessly into the digital pen solutions we provide.

IT Support & Web Solutions

As well as the Digital Pen Solutions, we also supply Guardian with IT Support and Web Solutions, this currently includes:

  • Both On-Site and Remote maintenance of Computer systems running Linux, Windows Server 2008, Apple Mac and Windows 7.
  • Web Hosting for both their main website and also their Service and Projects Management systems.
  • E-Mail Addresses with our Advanced Spam Filtering.