Digital Pen Solutions

phone-penA good database has always relied on administrative staff reading information and entering it into the database via a standard computer keyboard.
The digital pen allows data to be collected on site by field operatives and sent immediately back to a central database application without the need for any immediate human interaction.

How does it work?

DP201 Pen

As you write, the Digital Pen’s built-in camera automatically takes digital snapshots of the Microdot Patterned Paper, this enables the pen’s image microprocessor to accurately record what it writes or draws in real time. Think of this like X and Y Coordinates on a piece of paper. In addition to these coordinates, pressure, pen angle and absolute time for each position is available. This data can be combined with handwriting recognition to deliver editable digital text.

The captured data on the pen can then be sent in real time via Bluetooth to different devices, such as computers and mobile phones, or it can be retained in the pen’s memory and synchronised via USB once you are back at a computer.

The sent data can then be processed by our servers and delivered in a format suitable to your requirements, such as PDF with the handwriting strokes along side an XML file with the data from our handwriting recognition service. In addition to this we can also provide Bespoke Application Development and Integration with your existing systems or we can Demo and Provide systems we’ve already developed for our existing customers.

Phones currently supported by our system include phones running the following:

  • Android 2.2 & 4
  • BlackBerry < v7.5 (devices with a physical keypad)
  • Symbian Series 60
  • J2ME

How do I get the special paper?

You print it using your own printer, the printer itself needs to be able to natively understand a technology called Postscript. So when you go to print your document, the Microdot Pattern is placed on top of it, ready for the Digital Pen to use.

Microdot Pattern

The Microdot pattern itself is barely visible to our eyes, when printed, the page looks a light-gray colour. In order to print these fine dots, another requirement is that the printer can print at 600x600dpi (1200dpi preferred).

What can Datascribe do for me?

First, we will discuss your current work-flow with you and we will also demonstrate existing solutions we have in place to give you an idea of what the system can be used for and its capabilities. Then depending on your requirements we will put together a plan which describes how we will implement your system. In most cases, we find that one of our existing solutions tend to fit our customer’s requirements with a few tweaks and customisations done by ourselves. Once your Pen System is implemented, we can then come to your site and give training to your staff as well as setting up any software and mobile phones if required. After this, support from us is just a phone call or an e-mail away.