Web Based Solutions

For over 5 years, we have been providing businesses with our Web Based Solutions including but not limited to:

  • Design – From Simple Brochure Sites to highly functional database driven eCommerce systems.
  • Bespoke Web Development – If you require something more than just an Online Presence, we can also develop online systems and applications aimed towards improving your business’s processes and workflow, this could be anything from a system designed to manage the day-to-day running of your business to a fully scalable cloud service based on services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), RackspaceCloud or something even more bespoke.
  • Hosting and On-Going Support – If you require hosting for your new website or would like to move some of your services over to us, we can work with you to cover any requirements you may have.


Every project we take-on starts with a design plan and specification. During the design process we will work closely with you to gain a good understanding of your requirements. Depending on the complexity of your requirements we will give you different options and will split the project into different stages. If it’s just a simple Website you require we will work with you to discover a design you like before we go on to develop it.

Bespoke Web Development

Once we have completed the design, specification and decided on the technologies we are going to use to develop your online website/application, we will start the development and keep you updated at each stage. If we are simply working on a website for you, we will develop this on our development server where you will be able to see changes and experiments as they happen. This will also be the same server we use to demo the functionality of your new website or online application before we push it to the production server.

Hosting and On-Going Support

When it comes to hosting, we like to keep our server’s and infrastructure local. We currently have servers located in Manchester and Maidenhead Datacentres. Both these datacentres are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 accredited and are also PCI DSS Compliant. We use this infrastructure to host:

  • Websites and Web Based Services
  • E-Mail Services
  • Database Services
  • Domain Name Services

On top of this, we also provide E-Mail Filtering to our customers with daily reports so they can whitelist/blacklist incoming e-mail and keep their inboxes as clean as possible from spam.

In addition to Hosting, we can offer on-going support for your website/application, our support packages are completely bespoke to your requirements.